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01 about

Vena Cava Productions is a Dallas-based multimedia production company that focuses on telling stories that stride confidently off the beaten path in subject matter, style, and approach.


Along with producing our own work, we are a full-service creative company with roots in theatre, dance, and video production. We can shoot, edit, and color your project, while creating the graphic designs for your project’s marketing. Our first priority is your vision and how we can bring it to life.

Rates are dependent upon a number of factors.

Please contact us with the following information for a quote:


  • Brief description of the project; including title, summary, and director

  • How long the shoot will be (e.g. 3 days or 8 hours)

  • Shooting location(s)

  • Number of people being filmed or photographed

  • Deliverables (e.g. One five minute long short film and three minutes of behind-the-scenes footage)

  • Anything else you feel would be useful for us to know. Examples include whether we'll be changing location, whether there are any complex shots that will require equipment rental, and general aesthetic inspiration, among others.

We'll reach out with a quote within three business days.


02 portfolio


03 clients

"Working with Vena Cava is seamless and professional. Zoe is prepared and extremely flexible, but also comes in with a unique artistic vision for the final product. You can expect a perfect blend of risk-taking and polish. Above all, she's a generous collaborator."

Emily Ernst, Associate Artistic Director of Teatro Dallas

"What I love about Zoe’s eye in filming is her capture of the action and the heart all in one. You can tell she cares not only for the shot but for the flow of creativity."

Kelsey Milbourn, Playwright and Director

"Working with Zoe was not only a smooth and easy process, it was incredibly fun. She and her crew were beyond accommodating and expertly overcame obstacles on the fly. She gave open and constructive feedback that led me to work that I am proud to have representing me."

Amber Rossi, Actress and Model

"Vena Cava Productions gives you the quality and detail every company/brand would hope for. They not only bring your vision to life but add to it as well." 

Gabriella Corvina, Martial Artist and Performer

"Vena Cava Productions is excellent at realizing the vision of its clients. The product we received was beautifully crafted and it was delivered in a way that was timely and professional. Vena Cava is a company of surefire artists, and they will lift your vision to new heights."

Jeff Colangelo, Artistic Director of Prism Movement Theater

"Zoe Kerr shot a sizzle reel of AMOC presents REQUIEM: a haunted experience. She worked efficiently and safely. She got the vibe we were going for right away. She was able to shoot everything in the most timely manner and had an edited product back to me in no time. She was open to feedback and a delight to work with on every level. I could not recommend her more."

Anastasia Muñoz, Artistic Director of Arts Mission Oak Cliff


04 contact

What kind of project or projects are you working on?

Thanks for submitting!

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